Project Management based on PMBOK 7th Edition

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Project Management based on PMBOK 7th Edition

Project management is one of the most famous disciplines in the world, in addition to the fact that project management is divided into several sections, including human resources, materials and stakeholders, through which you can get a great success rate for many of the projects you are going through in addition to the availability of quality factors.

Course Outlines:

      1-    Introduction to Project Management
2-    A System for delivery Value
3-    Project Management Principles (12 Principles).
4-    Project Performance Domains.
    a.    Stakeholders
    b.    Team
    c.    Development Approach and Life Cycle
    d.    Planning
    e.    Project Work
    f.    Delivery
    g.    Measurement
    h.    Uncertainty
5-    Tailoring
6-    Management Models
7-    Sponsor.
8-    Project Management Office
9-    Product Management.

  • Instructor:

  • Ziad Idlbi - PMP, PSM, PSPO

  • Project Manager in EBTECH Technologies - UAE

  • Master in Human Resources Management

  • +8 Years Experience in training

Date & Time

September 5, 2021

Start - 7:00 PM Tuesday

October 26, 2021

End - 9:00 PM Asia/Dubai


+971 55 272 4928

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