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Correspondence Management System

Correspondence management system helps you conduct your business communications smoothly and efficiently by providing a system designed to manage and organize all ongoing business correspondences, including documentation related to each correspondence hence saving you time and costs while boosting the productivity of your business regarding internal and external communications.


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Convenient and secure exchange of Business Information
Conducting a business requires sharing important/confidential information with your parties; we offer a platform that prioritizes information security and convenience to assist you in your business exploration.


Tracking Incoming and outgoing business correspondence:
Stay tuned with the latest updates of your business correspondences and track the progress of your correspondence through an easy-to-use platform relevant to modern mailing systems.


Easily access your correspondence record:
Preserve your current and previous business correspondences in one accessible and secure database right at your disposal.


Define and organize correspondence procedures:
Manage and assign the operational cycle and policies for each correspondence based on the specialty of the department and its responsibilities/roles regarding approvals, exporting, documentation, etc.