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EBTECH is a professional IT solution provider
 forged with 10+ years in the ERP business domain and
 a fully certified business team established to develop and support your business
 by implementing the latest business solutions.

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  Changing business management concept

ERP Implementation

Take your business into the digital verse and reestablish your company within a fully customizable and informative system.

Organize and improve the business’s internal procedures (Manufacturing, Inventory, Labor, and finance).

Allocate company recourses according to your project planning.

Connect business sectors within one interactive platform, saving you time, effort, and recourses.

  Unlocking New Potentials

Development Service

Evaluate and study existing management systems, and offer smart business solutions that improve business proficiency and growth.

Apply advanced AI Technology into your business processing.

Improve business performance through commendable tools that ease decision-making, monitor your business, and enhance processing

  Offering Professional Support

Collaboration Service

Maintain and support your company’s development through our collective experience and expertise, devoted to guiding and supporting your business.

Receive professional training from our team to help set you up for the business development phase and boost overall performance.

Receive valuable support through our Business Consultants, who help you visualize your business potential and set up your development plans.

 Certified Professionals.

EBTECH is Your Best Business Partner

Work with experienced professionals with 15+ years in ERP domain and official partners with Oracle and O doo .

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  Manage - Organize - Monitor - Operate

Serving our clients

across the diverse industries.

















No misleads, ONLY quality services.

Ambitious business strategy and determined business policy  set to serve you and your business at the highest levels of professionalism.

The Complete Solutions 

For Your Business

Develop your Business 

and Unlock new Potentials

Lab Management System:

Control and manage production labs professionally; starting from sampling process, managing samples stock, to monitoring sample test results.

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Equipment management system:

Access all your valuable assets in one secure database; Manage equipment, monitor performance, and organize equipment operators, maintenance processes, and much more.

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Correspondence management system:

Organize, manage, and coordinate business communications, including all incoming and outgoing business correspondence, documentation, and collaboration in one system.

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Budget management system:

Develop your business with delicate financial planning; Define and control your budget across business stages, expand your budgeting techniques to organize budget based on business priorities and objectives.

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