Mobilize your sales and operate teams effectively.

Sales Geo-Tracking Application

Expanding your business requires a lot of resourcing, one of which is logistics. Geo-tracking application enables you to pre-plan all operations, including product distribution path, and track active delivery, in addition to cost reduction, giving you the advantage of operating your business smoothly at all times.


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Optimized delivery operation:
 Logistics form the spine of the business due to its role in mobilizing the business expansion, product distribution and delivery process of your products to the customers or point of sales; Geo-tracking mobile application assists your business with vital features such as preplanning, monitoring, and real-time tracking capabilities to organize the delivery operations and improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the working teams.


Organized distribution:
 Improving business performance rely on consistency across all perspectives; the Geo-tracking application helps in organizing your logistics by providing valuable assets to plan and set up the delivery route, pin-point locations and assign vehicles and drivers, hence improving safety and efficiency and guarantee better supply service for the distributors and the customers.


Save time, effort, and resources:
 Standardizing logistic operations enables performance boosts and efficiency sustainability within your business; the Geo-tracking application provides a set of features that optimizes your business; this scales from scheduling delivery routes to enhance delivery time, preplanning sales teams' destinations to improve team productivity hence saving you time, efforts, and costs respectively.