Modern world require modern Education.

School Management Application

Education is one of the most sophisticated domains to work on since it involves our children, who reflect the core value of our society, so prioritizing their well-being and education establishes the milestone for building our future; We present you Academyatech, a game-changer application designed and developed for all educational institutions putting principals, teachers, students, and parents comfort and convenience as a priority with a fully integrated system allocated to provide a complete set of organizational and administrative tools and services that elevate the core of education.


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Administrative excellence:

 School management faces many challenges and difficulties that extend with the constant development of schooling and education requirements and standardizations, putting the school’s infrastructure under pressure to preserve the quality of its services; Academyatech provides exceptional management and utility features that ensure smooth and sophisticated control for all administrative and organizational operations to keep your educational institution in the lead in terms of reliability and servicing.


Financial stability:
 Business sustainability comes from financial stability; Academyatech provides delicate and professional management of all financial operations within the institution regarding operating costs, crew and student servicing, and transportation, in addition to enabling real-time follow-up for students' due payments and organizing the overall accounting procedures.


Modern academic experience:
 Modern education focuses on developing student's set of skills and abilities by improving the educational experience and expanding the spectrum of learning with a mixture of fun activities and intellectual benefits; Academyatech supports modernizing educational experience with a unified application help arrange, organize, and monitor each student's development and progress throughout their learning journey.


Student health and well-being:
 Education is the right of every child regardless of their needs and medical conditions, so providing proper health care services guarantees a healthy environment where they can practice their right to education; Academyatech exceeds with a completely connected system that gathers the students, schools' health service crew while keeping the parents engaged and connected to their child at all times through designated interface.


Safe and reliable Transportation:
 Providing comfortable and safe transportation for the students is a genuine concern for parents; Academyatech prioritizes student safety through a set of organizational tools and features that manage every detail of the transportation journey, such as time and date, trip supervisor and attendance, the pick-up point, stop points, and the designated destination and vice versa, In addition to supported real-time feedback that enables the parents to track trip location and receive notifications when the trip arrives to the destination.


Guaranteed satisfaction:
 Academyatech application exceeds in delivering and providing the ultimate schooling management suite that sets new boundaries for modern education standards by offering convenience and practicality in every aspect related to managing your educational institution while prioritizing key factors necessary for future growth and sustainability.